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I’ll End This Engagement CHAPTER LIST

I’ll End This Engagement:

Read manga I will break this marriage on treemanga Unexpectedly, I myself suddenly became Leah Prezis, the fiancée of a man and a woman – a vengeful woman who is always angry with readers. In the original, the heroine would sooner or later betray the supporting actor and then her fiancé suddenly appeared, so I bet everything I could to try to change Leah’s fate. , this utopian evil villain. “I want you to cancel our engagement immediately.” To the last moments, I offered to break the engagement with him to escape the tragic death ending, but why did he answer me that: “I absolutely wouldn’t do that.” What? Why is he not responding now? I couldn’t even have imagined that just as I was about to escape Leah Prezis’ terrible fate, he approached with a maddened expression on his face. “For whatever reason, do you want me to get on my knees and beg so you won’t leave?” The moment I clearly saw that man’s tenacious and savage smile, there was only one thought left in my mind: I’m bad! This guy is crazy! I’ll End This Engagement