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Fool Night:

In a faraway future, Earth is shrouded in thick, heavy clouds. The sun no longer shines upon it.A world in which most plants have withered away and oxygen levels have been depleted.However, humanity has managed to survive by developing the technology needed to turn people into plants, producing a small amount of oxygen.To live as a human being in an uncertain world, or to abandon one's own suffering and embark on a new life as a plantーPeople are forced to make a choice.
Chapter name Time uploaded
Fool Night Chapter 8

: Just Say It

2 days ago
Fool Night Chapter 7

: Getting In The Way

Fool Night Chapter 6

: At The Very Least

Fool Night Chapter 5

: Father's Spirit Blossom

Fool Night Chapter 4

: Special Provisional Employee

Fool Night Chapter 3

: If You Can Hear

Fool Night Chapter 1

: What Am I Supposed To Do?

Maybe coming in the next issue
Fool Night Chapter 9
Fool Night Chapter 10


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